Bobby Deol was madly in love with this actress, you will be shocked to know her name!


Actor Bobby Deol is the son of He-man of Bollywood Dharmendra, is soon to be seen in the film Housefull 4 alongside Akshay Kumar.

 Bobby Deol has given only few films to Bollywood which has been a hit but even today, Bobby Deol rules the hearts of many and has a great fan following, his female fan following at one time was tremendous but he used to be crazy about someone else that time.

Today we are going to reveal a secret about Bobby Deol’s life, which has not been in the buzz and is known by very few. Though Bobby Deol is very much settled and happy with his family today, but he was once very deeply in love with this girl of Bollywood.

The girl wasn’t any ordinary one but a renowned and successful actress of the 90s. Yes, the name of the actresses we are talking about is Neelam Kothari.

Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood in her time, Bobby Deol was very much in love with Neelam Kothari, she was born on 9 November 1969.

In 90s Bobby Deol and Neelam Kothari were in relationship and was way too serious about each other. They wanted to marry and spend rest of their life together but this person acted as villain for their love and they both got separated.

And the person due to which they couldn’t be together further is none other than Dharmendra, he did not want Bobby to marry a girl who is from film industry which was the reason they both broke up.

In the interviews given to Stardust magazine, Neelam had told that after her breakup with Bobby, her condition was very serious and she went into depression.

90s actress Neelam has worked in many Bollywood hit films like  “Doodh Ka Karj”. Bobby Deol and Neelam’s relationship was very much open to everyone but Dharmendra was quite against this relationship, Dharmendra wanted Bobby Deol to oopt for arrange marriage instead of love marriage which is why they both decided to knock off this relationship.


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