Pis of Rani Mukherjee’s Daughter Went Viral in Media, Even failed Taimur in Cuteness!!


The film industry now a days is not only about the stars and celebs but also about their kids may it be grown up ones or infants, kids too get famous as soon as they take birth one such example is Taimur. He has became a sensation because of his cute looks and prompt gestures for media. Internet is flooded with the videos and photographs of Taimur like where he goes, how he reacts to media and much more.

But this article of ours is not about Taimur but one such star kid whose parents have kept her away from media till date.

We are talking about Adira who is Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra’s daughter. Rani and Aditya opted for a very private and secretive wedding in the year 2016.

Though the news about their relationship and affair were doing the rounds in the media from quiet sometime but both of them denied the news. The rumours were to the extent that they both were living in live-in relationship before they decided to marry.

Rani mukherjee is among the most successful actresses of her times and has given some great movies to the hindi cinema but there comes a downfall for every actor and same happened to Rani she maintained distance from cinema for a very long time period and made her come back with a film named Hichki though it could not do wonders on the box office but rani was still praised.  

Rani and Aditya doesn’t like to be in buzz and they love to have an private life without anyone’s interference.

Adira was born after one year of Rani and Aditya’s marriage that is 7 dec. 2017 and they both preferred to keep her away from media. There isn’t any picture of hers on any social handles.

Though she isn’t that much on media but a few pictures of her after she is of 3 years states that she is pure beauty like her mother and people are even saying that she is more beautiful than her mother.

You yourself decide that if she is more of less beautiful than her by checking out her pictures:


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