Veena Malik Got Trolled For Commenting on the Chandrayan-2 Project!!


Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram Lander may have missed the landing on the lunar surface, but ISRO is upbeat. ISRO chief K Sivan described the Chandrayaan 2 mission as 95 percent successful. K Sivan said that efforts are on to contact Vikram Lander and has now even found the position of lander. ISRO’s efforts are being praised all over the world. But this achievement of India is not being seen from Pakistani actress Veena Malik. Famous for her bad humor, Veena once again tried to spew venom but was taught a lesson by an Indian.

Veena Malik made several tweets about Chandrayaan 2. In a tweet, she wrote- ‘Oooops… .Chanda Nay Endia Ko Mamoo Bana Diya’.

After this, Veena wrote another tweet – ‘India should have made toilets, not Chandrayaan … poor India.’

But Veena Malik wasn’t satisfied by this much, she again wrote in a tweet – News is the making…

 ISI is behind the failure of this mission.’

After this, she tweeted and wrote – ‘Indians on the moon Not allowed. ‘

After these tweets of Veena, Indians gave her a befitting reply. One user wrote – When we have Pakistan, what do we need toilets.

Another user wrote – My Bihar has as many toilets as many as in total Pakistan. ‘

Another user wrote- ‘Ever since the Pakistanis have come to know that the cost of 900Cr has been spent on Chandrayaan 2, their eyes were dazzled, it is also right because if we bounce chapati of 90rs in front of beggars, then 100-200 will die only in rushing towards the chapatti.

one wrote- ‘To make the mission fail, both wisdom and courage are required…. What you guys don’t have. ‘

Let me tell you that earlier Veena Malik had made a controversial tweet about Indian Muslims, after which Indian users gave her a befitting reply.


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