After Aishwarya, Vivek oberoi married minister’s daughter who earns crores in addition to movies!!


Vivek Oberoi is one of those Bollywood actors who received a lot of appreciation for his debut film. Vivek was born on 3 September 1976 in Hyderabad. He is the son of renowned actor Suresh Oberoi. His first film was ‘Company’, directed by Ram Gopal Varma. For which he received the Filmfare Best Debut Male Award.

Vivek’s acting looked way too promising during his debut but gradually his films were not much of a hit. Vivek was very much in discussion because of his relationship with Aishwarya and according to the reports, Salman Khan had threatened to not be with Aish which was why Vivek decided to breakup with Aishwarya.

After Aishwarya, there was no news of Vivek dating any actress. Not only this, he even disappeared from the film industry for some time. After all this Vivek got married to Priyanka Alva, who is the daughter of former Karnataka minister Jeevraj Alva.

Vivek and Priyanka’s love story is very interesting. Vivek’s parents wanted Vivek to get married as soon as possible so that he could overcome from his past. Vivek was then in London with his mother Yashodhara Oberoi. Vivek’s mother told him that Priyanka is also there and that he should go and meet her but Vivek was not ready to meet Priyanka.

He told his mother that if Priyanka likes him, he will first date her for one year and then marry her next year. Vivek’s mother agreed to this condition and Vivek went to Florence to meet Priyanka. Vivek liked Priyanka so much that he does not waited for a year and got married in 2010.

Vivek’s last release film was PM Narendra Modi. In which he played the role of PM. He is from business family but Vivek runs his own production house apart from films. He also has his own construction company. Not only this, he has also invested in many start ups. Most of them are related to health and education.


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