12 Interesting Facts about The Man Who Promoted Indian Wild Life With PM Modi!!


Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Modi aired on Discovery Channel on 2 August at 9 pm. Twitter has been exploding with reactions on the same ever since. After which everyone has been talking about that episode and how Narendra Modi Ji did that episode.

Have a look at some facts of Bear Grylls:

He at the age of 23 Conquered Mount Everest.

Bear is not his real name his real name is Edward Michael Grylls. His sister gave him the name Bear when he was less than one week old.

He Has A Second Dan Black Belt In Shotokan Karate

He Holds The World Record For The Highest Open-Air Formal Dinner Party, Held In A Hot-Air Balloon At 7,600m

He Served As A Reservist With The SAS For Three Years

During a Skydive In 1996, His Parachute Ripped At 16,000ft, Causing Him To Fall And Crush Three Vertebrae.

He’s Prone To Drinking His Own Urine And Eating The Heart Of Dead Animals

He once also wrestled a wild Alligator.

There Was Also The Time He Flew A Powered Paraglider To 29,000ft In The Himalayas

He is truly wild in every real sense.

He actually can do anything.

The title of his show Man vs Wild suits him in every sense.

He Loves Bubble Baths.


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