Successful Bollywood Parents who Launched Their Kids With Super Flop Films!!


We have seen that while working in cinema directors and actors learn to judge a movie that will it be a hit or flop and they finally is seen choosing the best for their kids but there are some parents who choose the worst for  their kids like if they didn’t wanted them to have a successful bollywood career.

Checkout those kids and their parents:   

Fardeen Khan

One can never do to his son what Feroz Khan has done to Fardeen Khan who could expect a decent career from his son while offering him to make his debut from a film like Prem Aggan.

Harman Baweja

Harman is the son of famous producer Harry Baweja and when he decided to launch his son Harman in a film like Love Story 2050. We seriously don’t have a clue that what was he thinking while doing so. He debut film made him a flop star.

Shiv Darshan

He is the son of one of the most successful producers of the industry named Suneel Darshan and he launched his son Shiv Darshan which gave him and the viewers a horrible experience with a movie Karle Pyaar Karle. We are truly sorry to what Suneel did to Shiv.

Armaan Kohli

Not everyone know that Armaan Kohli’s first film wasn’t Jaani Dushman, Rajkumar Kohli launched his darling son Armaan Kohli with a movie named Virodhi which made Dharmendra one of the most shameful performances of his career. I mean the film had 11 villains, can you imagine 11 villians. Rajkumar Kholi didn’t thought good for his son surely.

Juhi Babbar

Juhi babbar is the daughter of famous theater artist Nadira Babbar but Nadira surely failed to give right advise to her daughter as Nadira Babbar decided to launch her daughter Juhi Babbar with a total disaster  movie named Kaash Aap Humare Hote which had Sonu Nigam in the lead role, and that is after seeing his acting in Jaani Dushman.

Jacky Bhagnani

It is a little hard to believe that a seasoned producer like Vashu Bhagnani launched his son Jaccky Bhagnani in a film like Kal Kissne Dekha and then expected him to have a decent career in Bollywood. Every body can tell that this movie couldn’t get him a successful career.

Mustafa Burmawalla

Abbas-Mastan have been among the most successful directors of the industry and has given major hits like Bazigaar, Race, Race2, Aitraaz but when it was the matter of their own son Mustafa they chose a film with the worst story line which made it sure that he will be a flop.

Sunil Anand

Who doesn’t know Dev Anand but nobody knows his son Sunil Anand who was produced and directed by Dev Anand in the movie Anand Aur Anand with a ridiculous story line and a painful experience.  


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