Real Story Behind John Abraham’s Upcoming movie!!


Batla House is going to be released on this 15th August that is on Independence day and is based on true story which is depicted below. It is about the the real cop who spearheaded the encounter was Mohan Chand Sharma, a Special Cell inspector of Delhi police. John Abraham will be seen playing his role and the name given to him is Sanjeev Kumar Yadav.

On the evening of 13 Sept 2008 a series of bomb blasts rocked the Indian capital New Delhi. This blast killed around 30 people and injured more than 100. The Delhi Police was assigned to investigate the bombing. As part of their investigation, the Delhi Police examined several leads, witnesses and CCTV footages.

During the examination of the leads available to the Delhi Police, they deduced that the suspects of the bombings or people connected with the bombings may be hiding in a building called Batla House in the Jamia Nagar area of New Delhi. In addition of the investigative leads, the Delhi Police received a specific piece of intelligence confirming the location of the terrorists hide-out “Batla House”.

A Delhi Police team headed by renouned police officer Insp. Mohan Chand Sharma arrived at the Batla House to arrest the potential suspects. Since, Insp.

Mohan Chand Sharma knew that he would be raiding a terrorist hide-out, he had his team equipped with bullet proof jackets and automatic weapons but strangely he did not wear any bullet proof jacket. On top of this he also volunteered to lead the assault. As soon as the assault team broke open the door, the terrorists who were hiding in one of the flats of Batla House, fired with their weapon hitting Insp. Mohan Chand Sharma.

He was shot in his abdomen, thigh and arm. Besides him two other policemen were also injured. Insp. Mohan Chand Sharma died on his way to the hospital due to excessive bleeding while his two colleagues survived.In the ensuing firefight between the Delhi Police, two terrorists were killed, two were arrested and one escaped who reappeared in Syria two days ago as an ISIS recruiter.

In the subsequent raids after interrogating the two captured terrorists many arrests were made across India which included many low level Muslim political leaders. What happened after this shoot-out between the Delhi Police and the terrorists is a matter of concern for Indian national security.

Many popular political leaders belonging to the pseudo-secular political parties like Samajwadi Party, Indian National Congress, Aam Aadmi Party accused the Delhi Police of staging a false shoot-out and killing two innocent Muslim youth. The family of Insp. Mohan Chand Sharma returned the government money accusing the political party of playing vote bank politics and felt insulted. The Supreme Court of India ordered the National Human Right Commission of India to conduct an investigation to see if there were any truth in the accusations of fake killings of the two Muslim youth.

The NHRCI submitted a report to the Supreme Court of India in which they concluded that there was no evidence that an extra-judicial killing took place and the two terrorists killed were a genuine police operation thus exhonarating the Delhi Police of any wrong doing in this operation. In the meantime while this investigation was underway, Salman Kurshid a senior leader of the Congress Party stated in a meeting or in some event that the Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress had tears in her eyes when she read the news that two Muslim “Youth” were killed.

This angered many Indians across the country because it was proved beyond doubt that the two men killed were indeed terrorists and Salman Kurshid was playing vote bank politics since a national election was only a few months away. This statement of Salman Kurshid was condemned by several Muslim leaders and imminent personalities as well.

This is all the fact that depicts the real scenario and this was why sonia gandhi also cried. all this showed what actually happened at the Batla House.


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