42 seater Home Theater To A Terrace Garden, Peek Inside The Shahrukh Khan’s Never Before Seen House MANNAT!!


Gauri Khan has recently entered into the business of Interior Designer and in the India’s Casa Vogue Edition. Gauri Khan chooses to give a peek -a-boo inside the King Khan’s never ever before seen home.

Located on Bandstand, Shah Rukh Khan had bought the heritage bungalow from Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust in 2001. Since then, his mansion has been turned into a six-storied building and it overlooks the Arabian Sea.

Gauri allows some of the selected members of the magazine to come and visit the most stunning home of the country. Mannat is one of the great example of designing and well maintained home. From 24 seater home theatre to a supremely big terrace the house has it all.

Have a look at the pictures of Mannat:

Mannat was just a plain paper for Gauri with time she arranged and designed it in her own way with her architect Kaif Faquih. According to Gauri, as their family grew and renovations and redesigns were made to suit the changing needs, it also shaped her design aesthetic. Though the terrace of the house is her “happiest place”, the most endearing aspect of Mannat is its façade. Gauri said, “I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world”, about the pristine white, glamorous and imposing massive classical pillars that are carefully angled into the selfies of those hundreds of fans who throng the place every day.

Gauri Khan explained, “I don’t like minimalist spaces. I love things that are warm, eclectic, personal and collectable. My home has been built gradually over years of collecting stuff that I feel passionately about. It’s essential to make something your own.” Speaking of the gatherings at Mannat, Gauri remarked, “We have a small set of friends who drop in casually. We don’t entertain much.”

Gauri Khan personally doesn’t like flowers, so you can see potted ferns abound and scattered around tables everywhere in Mannat. Gauri said, “Plants give out positive energy. They are good oxygen.” As per Vogue, her passion for making a house a home seemed obvious when she pointed to the vertical gardens that she has been working on in the lawns outside her sea-facing mansion.

Gauri Khan on Suhana Khan and Aryan Khan studying in Los Angeles and New York and having low energy said,“We would all play a game of dog-and-the-bone together.” And with Abraham Khan’s baby talk and his non-stop rides on his toy-scooter and electric cars, Mannat is revived with energy.

Mannat has a spacious personal auditorium with 42 burgundy leather chairs and the walls are clad in plush mahogany velvet. Which looks luxurious.

Gauri Khan remarked, “This is a house with no rules. I have never had any decrees for homework or mealtimes. I was always home when my kids came back from school. It is important for me to just be there for them.” She continued, “Everyone in my family has contributed towards making this space their own.” Suhana’s love for ballet influences the selection of photographs and art in her space. Until recently, the Breaking Bad themed wallpaper adorned Aryan’s and Abrham has a favorite pillow that never leaves his side.


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