17 Famous but Unlucky Characters Of Indian TV that Make us Feel pity For Them!!


We are inspired by our favourite TV shows and their characters. We also adore them for their fabulous acting and emotions that we connect to, but there are some characters which make us feel pity on them as they were only shown helpless throughout their show. Have a look, at these characters:

Anurag Basu from Kasauti Zindagi Kay

The women he loved couldn’t marry her and the one he got married was a real vamp.

ACP Praduyam from C.I.D

We feel so pity on him that he throughout his life kept solving the shittiest cases and never got promotions.

Parvati from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

She wasn’t just a daughter in law but women who could fight anyone for her laws. We are happy these cases are not applicable in real life.

Simar From Sasural Simar Ka

Instead of fulfilling the role of Idol Bahu she had to face all the evil characters and had to become Super Women .

Ritvik From Naagin

Marrying a Naagin wasn’t enough. So they made her to kill his father. Seriously, what they guyz think?

Dr. Ridhimma From Dil Mil Gye

Her love life was more complicated than the medical cases she treated!

Babuji from Khichdi

He would have though everyday that what wrong he had done that he has son like Praful and Daughter in law like Hansa.

Raman From Yehh Hain Mohabbatein

We truly feel sorry for him because his first wife turned out to be vamp, second wife died, he lost his memory and this wasn’t enough then came the his daughter wants to kill him. Means what the hell is happening.

Mihir from Kyunki…Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

He must have got tired of dying and coming back to life again again and again.

Hobo from Hatim

This cutie was dragged to adventures by Hatim that he had no interest and he was always put in danger. Poor lad!!

Abhay from Kksusum

This is one guy who had a rotten luck in marriages and was probably better off single!

Mehek from Zindagi Ki Mehak

Her douche of a husband married her for her recipe. Ouch…that’s got to suck!

Asad Khan from Qubool Hai

An estranged father, a reckless brother, a crackpot girlfriend, Mr. Khan really had the worst end of the bargain.

Biji Pandey from Lapataganj

Not even one guy took him seriously and never allowed him to meet his girlfriend. How poor!!

Paridhi from Kawach

She married her love only to discover that there is a witch in love with him and is trying to kill you.

Popat Lal From Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma

The lad from the starting of the show is trying to get married and everyone is only consoling him and not helping.

Sahil From Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai

The poor guy is in the show only to listen his weird wife and over smart mom. Everyone feels pity for him.


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