Sabyasachi Called ‘Overdressed’ Women ‘Wounded’ On Insta Post, Gets taught By The Internet!


Sabyasachi is the most loved and admired designer of India, when it comes to the choice for bridal lehengas and sarees. He is one to whom everyone Indian Bride looks upto for her wedding outfit may it be any celebrity like Priyanka and Deepika or an ordinary girl, he is pure inspiration. He simply aces in designing Bridal Outfits. But Sabyasachi’s comments sometimes don’t go down well the people.

He had once shamed Indian women who didn’t know how to drape a saree and received a lot of backlash for the same. He said, “I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a saree, I would say shame on you. It’s a part of your culture, (you) need stand up for it,” he said earlier said at the Harvard India Conference that had also kickstarted a debate on Twitter.

Later, after receiving a lot backlash, in his defence Sabyasachi had said, “My observation came from the fact that I often meet those who say it with a hint of pride on how they don’t know how to wear a saree and I find it very dismissive of our heritage. It’s a personal point of view.”

Now, he is once again in the headlines for this time he called “overdressed” women “wounded” and “bleeding inside”.

Which is why he rubbed the a lot fans the wrong way. They back leashed him and taught him what his comments mean and trolled him badly. Have a look:

But some people on the other hand thought his intention wasn’t wrong and everyone is misunderstood him.

Do share your thoughts on his comment!


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