Problems faced by neighbours of bollywood stars.


Being a Bollywood star is so cool right? Lots of money, lots of fame , lots of reputation and what not. Basically it will make your life worth being a star but it ain’t easy.

But being a neighbour of a bollywood star is maybe easy , lol! You might be thinking that its so proud and cool to be neighbour of any Bollywood celebrity.

Well it looks fancy, but itsn’t actually. To prove this, here we are with a list of real life incidents :-

1.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Well its a long time ago back in 2001, When his beloved Salman khan visited her at night and kept banging doors till morning But she didn’t open the door maybe because of her deep sleep or whatever the reason was.

Her Neighbours got disturbed and surprisingly filed a complaint against Aishwarya and Salman because of the scene created by them.

2. Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor is a very respectable artist in the industry but surprisingly someone filed a complaint against him for urinating in public and also when they found him running naked in the building.

3. Shahid Kapoor

A year ago over Shahid Kapoor’s new sea-facing cabin for Juhu, the inner part redesign fill in took months. The noise of machinery like drilling etc disturbed the neighbours too much. Yet the neighbours got tired of it after viewing labourers urinating on the dividers of fabricating and stinky, accordingly they complained.

4. Kareena Kapoor

In the quite a while 2016, Kareena required held an extraordinary screening from claiming ki What’s more ka at her home. Those performing artist required welcomed Numerous celebs from bollywood. The gathering proceeded till late night Also there might have been excessively noise, thus the neighbours called the police Also stopped the party.

5.Ranbir Kapoor

Following separation for Katrina, Ranbir Also as much companions used to one gathering till late night and misbehaved for neighbours when they required him on stop it.

6. Priety Zinta

Clinched alongside 2015, greater part of people existing in Preity’s building got miffled for her starry mentality. As stated by the neighbours. The performer hails down of the open enclosure to An walk for her bouncers What’s more Consequently doesn’t permit kids on assume toward that time. Much in the swimming pool, she used to bring bouncers for her.

7. Aditya Pancholi

In 2013, following a debate for a neighbor for parking, aditya might have been busy in any case not captured for fracturing the nose of a 55 year-old educationalist. After he apologised to those botch and the issue might have been determined.


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