Old pics of celebs shows a massive change in their looks!!


1. Zarine Khan

Bollywood actress Zarine Khan made a debut in Salman Khan’s movie Veer. Today indeed Zareen Khan Looks Very Slim but she was almost 100kg in her school and college times. That was due to her junkfood eating habits.

2. Sonam Kapoor

Style Icon Sonam Kapoor weighed almost 86KG before she made entry into Bollywood. But after signing the movie Sawariya she lost almost 30KG weight. She stayed away from chocolate, icecream, and other fried things.

3. Bhoomi Pednekar

Bhoomi pednekar had a day-night difference in looks if we look at her now and in the movie – ‘Dam Lagake Haishya’. After working hard she lost 27KG of weight.

4.Satish Kaushik

Everyone was surprised to see Bollywood’s popular actor and film maker Satish Kaushik, after a long time. That’s because they were already looking fit.  Doctor Christian Middleton of Los Angeles helped him to lose 25KG.

5.Parineeti Chopra

She had been away from movies because of her weight gain . When he was 25 years old, his weight reached 86 kg .They had impaired everything by losing about 28 kg . She told that her weight increases very fast so that she is more conscious than ever before with his diet.

6.Anant Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s younger son, Anant Ambani, reduced his weight of 108 kg in 18 months. She was trained by Shilpa Shetty’s fitness trainer Vinod Channa. Anant strolled 21 kms every day; Yoga, weight and functional training, along with high intensity cardio exercises were also used. 

7.Ganesh Acharya

Choreographer, director and actor Ganesh Acharya managed to get up to 85 kg from 200 kg. He had 16 months of hard work behind this.

8.Adnan Sami

Singer Adnan Sami lost 167 kg of weight in 16 months. When his weight reached 230 kg, doctors cautioned him that it is difficult to survive for more than 6 months in such a situation. Then he decided that he would lose his weight. In the early days, they only reduced the weight of 40 kg by diet. After this he worked with the help of fitness trainer Prashant Sawant and lost his weight. Now he is about 75 kg.

9.Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan, because of her weight, thought in childhood that she could never come into acting world. Sarah is quite fond of eating pizza. As a result, her weight reached 96 kg in school days. In the third year of college, when she decided that he had to go to the movies, she started reducing the weight.


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