5 Dark Secrets Of IPL That The Fans Should Know


IPL is one of the biggest events in the history of cricket game. There are a lot of things that makes it different from simple cricket and make it very interesting to watch.

There are a lot of things like players being mixed up from different international teams and coming up with new teams.

But every coin has 2 sides and every thing have its dark side too.

There are some things about IPL that are not known to everyone and we believe that you should know that too. So here we go.

5 Secrets of IPL that You should Know! :-

Fake IPL Players.

This happened in 2008 with Kolkata Knight Riders when two players,
Akash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar were found culprit of the case but later Anupam Mukherjee was the real culprit.

Cheerleaders Confession

The outside team cheerleaders always talked about the mis-behacind audience. They express its humiliating for them to move amid the arrangement. Also, they feel there is a segregation among them and Indian Cheerleaders.

After Party Scenes

Party culture may be a well-followed ritual after the IPL match. This additionally brings in several controversies. The cheerleaders grievance molestation cases on a couple of players. Also, 2 players attended a rave party. They additionally took medicine illicitly.

Match Fixing

There were some known cases in the past when there were clear cases of Match fixing in 2012 and 2013. That time, two teams, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were found to be violating rules and soon banned for 2 years.

Black Money

The uncapped players also had a source of some income. Awards like cars and other luxury items and business partnerships are given to them. The BCCI has no idea about it.


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