8 most illogical scenes in bollywood movies!!


Hindi movies are love and we truly adore the way they fascinate us with their story telling techniques and ideas. We also love some drama and some masala in the movies but sometimes in some scenes they tend to get over board with illogical scenes which are not possible in reality to any extent.

 Today we are talking about 6 movies who have highly weird and illogical scenes:

Bhookha Sher

A movie in which Dharmendra catches bullets with his bare hands what a super human.

Judwaa 2

Varun Dhawan throws football at the villain who is approx 1km or 2 kms away from him but he manages to hit him through that ball.

Baahubali 2

The movie truly broke all the records of illogical scenes as in the end they made soldiers angry birds and made them fly from ground to top of the fort. How how this is even possible in dreams?


Flying of cars during the fights and the hero just walks around and never gets hurt.


Mithun hiding behind the Bike to save himself from firing but can anyone tell us how a bicycle will prevent him from bullets.


Before Salman Khan got immense fame he starred in this 1992 “horror” film about rebirth and reincarnation. With a blonde wig and costume choices are a bit out of time and period.


Though the movie is great but the scene that is worth noticing is that Bipasha Basu plays a grand piano like she’s a trapeze artist.

3 Idiots

The baby who was missing his heartbeat comes to life only because of saying All is Well what a way to make any one get back to life, if this is possible than why do we need doctors?


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